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Routine Preventive Care

In order to achieve optimum health for your equine athlete, routine de-worming and vaccination programs should be incorporated. We at Pheasant Ridge Equine recommend a semiyearly vaccination schedule consisting of: 


  • Equine Encephalomyelitis (Sleeping Sickness)

  • Tetanus (Lockjaw)

  • Equine Herpesvirus (Rhino)

  • Equine Influenza (Flu)

  • West Nile


  • Equine Herpesvirus (Rhino) Booster

  • Equine Influenza (Flu) Booster

  • Rabies

NOTE: Pregnant mares and newborn foals will require a different vaccination schedule.

In addition, a de-worming program should be created based on your horses needs and fecal egg count. 

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